Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Decisions

It's a quiet Saturday morning here. Kaia went to church with our neighbors today. She loves to spend time with them, and they invited her yesterday. I let her decide if she wanted to go to church with Grandpa Carl and Gramma Mikey, and she did. She did tell me later that maybe she was spending too much time at church this week! Between Mom's Devo, worship with the neighbors and worship at our church. I just laughed. But after taking her next door this morning I only made breakfast for 3, and now there is no arguing over what cartoon to watch.

Today is going to be beautiful! It is already 50 degrees out. My problem is that the house is a disaster! Due to the stomach bug, I didn't get the house cleaned after Mo's party. So I have quite a bit to do in here. We do have to go to the library and turn in the DVD's also. What I REALLY WANT to do is go play outside! I have a huge bag of potting soil and pots to fill. I have seeds to plant for the garden, and weeds to pull.

I think that I will spend the next hour or so cleaning inside. Maybe some speed cleaning? That way when Kaia gets home from church, we can plant outside together.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

It's a beautiful day here, too. We've been enjoying some sunshine as we wage a war against our backyard weeds.

Kelli said...

I hope you got your cleaning done and were able to play out in the garden a bit, TJ!

jennifer said...

The mess can wait - follow the sun!!!


Art said...

If you must spend too much time somewhere, church is a good choice! :)