Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Frog Hit Him!

Yesterday Mo had a short nap. He woke crying, rubbing his head, and very upset. Grammy went to get him and asked what was wrong. "A frog hit me in the head!"

There was nothing in his crib but a pillow and blanket. My guess is our upcoming camping trip had him dreaming about frogs. When she related the story to me last night, Mo was very serious, but also seemed to catch on to the hilarity of the story. He told me with a grin that a frog "hit" (he smacked his head with his hand) him in the head.

My children apparently have picked up my habit of talking in my sleep, because last night Kaia was giggling away in her sleep. I wanted to wake her and tell her to be quiet (yes, she was in our bed, AGAIN!) but it was too cute, so I smiled and drifted back off to sleep. Here's praying they do not start my habit of sleepwalking!

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jennifer said...

My kiddos talk in their sleep too and one is a sleep walker - occasionally.

I am sorry I haven't been by to see you lately. I have MISSED you. Things are going to get back to normal soon (I will say it so that the positive that right?....will make it happen for me. NO NEGATIVITY! My friend TJ taught me that!).

And tell Mo that I am running around ducking and watching for flying frogs. I don't want to get hit in the head too!

Be blessed.