Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You- Black and Blue

I'm having trouble finding all those old photos, but had no problem finding these of my ATV accident. I definitely don't think they are scrapbook worthy so I hope they qualify. I will however save a few of these, beccause I still get asked about the scars on my arm.

Ok this next pic, is embarassing! I was sucking my gut in for all I was worth, but the leftover baby belly would not be contained (I know it could be worse, but it could be better too)!

Lovely huh?! It was the first ride of the season in 2007. Well our first camp and ride. It was just Dana and I up on the dunes. I fell on the stairs the night before and just destroyed my middle finger on my left hand. So my finger was in a metal brace and I was doing pretty good hanging onto the handle bar with just 3 fingers.

I was having fun just cruising around some trees when I went into a corner a little too fast and with my left hand I couldn't jerk the handle bar hard enough. I went right into the branches of the tree. My helmet protected my face and I only had one scratch that has since healed up. My arm and side though are nicely scarred. Luckily, no one but family sees my side. My arm however looks worse as my skin tans. By the end of summer I'll be asked what in the world I did. And I get to tell my oops story all over again.

Want to play along? Head over to We Are THAT Family for some fun!


We are THAT Family said...

Ouch! ATV's are so fun, but THIS is why I run after my kids at my in-laws farm screaming, "be careful, watch for rocks!"

Thanks for sharing. And "Be careful, watch for rocks," screamed in my best bloggy mom voice!

LifeatTheCircus said...

I've never ridden at ATV. Hats of to you for doing so and often. If I did, I am sure I would crash or fall or both!!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

That hurts!

I'm not an atv kinda gal, and I don't think anybody could tempt me. You're brave!

jennifer said...

Bless your skinny little heart. OUCH, that just looks so painful. I am glad that you are all right.

You know, one of the first few posts that I did was about a little boy at my kiddos school who was killed in an accident. After that, I hated to see my kids ride. That is one good thing about the move.. the four wheeler will stay at my Daddy in Law's place.

K. is a cutie poo in that pic!

Be blessed TJ.


Muthering Heights said...

Wow, that must have been a crazy accident! It's good that you can look back on it with humor (ie:post pictures on the internet)!

Mrs. N. said...

Holy Cow! That looks so horribly painful. I am so sorry you had to endure all that

Tammy said...

Being the nurse, I'm not the fun mom who allows endangerment of life.

Well, when my little one was about 4 she decided to hop on the neighbors 4 wheeler she thought she knew how to drive (since she had only been ridden around). She headed straight into shrubs which threw her off. Thank the Lord she had MINOR injuries.

Kelli said...

OUCH! It looks like you were attached by a wild animal! I'll bet you were in some pain for awhile, too!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Oh man.... OWIE!>!>! That looks like it hurt like the devil