Friday, September 26, 2008

Any Tips?

Today has not started out as a T.G(oodness).I.F should. It all started with me waking up way too tired. This was thanks to a little boy that didn't want to go to sleep last night.

Then while making coffee and breakfast, I was pondering some news about my friend. I'm so happy for her, as God is really blessing her, and it is wonderful to see her smile. A part of me is sad though, because those blessings will be moving her at least an hour away. The happiness overrides the sadness, but there is still a conflict in me.

Then I went to the dryer to get my clothes out for work, and Kaia's socks for PE. Her sock looked funny, it had some purplish stains on it. I figured it was the sock she wore yesterday when she dropped jelly on her foot. Well, I figured that until I saw the cap of a tube of lipstick, and my shirt and pants. Kaia left a tube of lipstick in the pocket of one of her dresses. So now I have a washed and mostly dried load of clothes coated in a raspberry colored lipstick. Did I mention most of my work shirts were in this load?

So I began searching for a shirt to wear, and was getting frustrated. Dana was getting ready to leave the house, and I went up to give him a kiss goodbye in just my jeans and a bra. He was being playful and trying to make me smile, when he grabbed me and pressed his cold soda can onto my stomach. A smile wasn't what I gave him, I snapped and yelled. And of course I immediately felt like chewing gum on the bottom of a shoe.

The day does get better though. I called and apologized, and Dana accepted my apology. I did find a shirt, even if it isn't the one I wanted to wear. Dana even picked up some free corn from someone at work, and received $20 for parking at the State Fair which starts today. He also received 4 free adult tickets, so now we need to find the time to go.

Tomorrow the kids and I will join my family to watch the Sunfair Parade which always happens the first Saturday of the fair. It will be Mo's first parade ever.

This weekend could be even better, if someone would give me a surefire way to remove lipstick from all my clothes! Anyone? I'd be forever grateful.


Art said...

After that lipstick has been through the dryer? That's going to be tough. You can try dishwashing detergent (Dawn) - directly on the stains but that may remove the dye on brightly colored pieces. Or you could try something like Greased Lightening or Goo-Gone with the same caveat... Anyway, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds like one of those days that's really pissy when it happens, and then funny later. My husband does that to me all the time, btw.
I've washed cream to powder compacts before, but not lipstick.
I hate when I do that.

jennifer said...

Gosh, I wish I knew!!! That has happened to us with ink pens and we just had to let the clothes go or wear them as play clothes.

I am sorry I can't help.

Kelli said...

I have no idea either, TJ! I'm sorry one obnoxious thing happened after another. I hope this weekend was much better!