Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Camping

In the midst of this healthy food challenge, I should tell you a bit about our camping trip from this weekend. I promise there wasn't much healthy food there. Although it was better than some trips. We had spaghetti, sausage and eggs (with sauteed onion and green pepper), turkey dogs and Louisiana hot sausages dogs with chips and watermelon, burgers with baked potatoes and corn on the grill, and huevos rancheros. My parents came up for the day with my grandma. We had a great time just enjoying the outdoors. The weather? Perfect! Nothing like mid-70's almost all day long.

Here is most of the family. Dana was taking the photo (notice my dad is also), Grandma was up a bit higher, and I believe Kaia was with Dana.

Butterfly at the river. I don't know how Dana gets these awesome shots!

My grandma presented me with some "family heirlooms" her hankies that have fallen apart from so much use. I collect hankies, just usually not this used.

The campfire. The fire ban was lifted the weekend before, and we enjoyed it's warmth during the chilly mornings. It also roasted some great dogs and made good baked potatoes.

We made the most of the great weather. It's supposed to continue being nice here. Our next trip may be just a bit chillier.


Art said...

Glad it was good!

Carla said...

Yea for your and your family making memories! We never got around to it while mine were little, and I think we all missed out. (you know its true love when some one shares her wore out hankies with you:)