Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Deere

While he still loves to wear girls clothes, Mo is all boy. (Ok, he did ask for nail polish this morning, but forgot all about it once he started playing with his race car). Mo loves John Deere. He seeks them out on every drive. They cannot hide.

So it was a perfect gift when Grandma Owie found this John Deere Gator for him.

He likes to haul books and teddy bears. I like that it can haul weeds to the compost bin.

Grammy helped him with his love of John Deere by making this quilt.

As you can see, Boomer enjoys it, and Mo does too. Soon I imagine he'll need a whole John Deere themed bedroom.

If you view this through a reader you may have actually had a chance to read my original post. I have no idea what blogger is doing, but the autosave didn't, and I ended up with my oldest draft version. I'm running late now, so I give up!


Art said...

Too cute!

PS - if you switch to WordPress you won't have all those crazy Blooger problems:)

jennifer said...

Now that is a REAL boy... when he can still look tough in pink crocs!

LOVE his Gator!!