Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kindergarten Chronicles: Shoes

Kaia hasn't even been in school a month, and already, I'm stirring up trouble. The problem all started with this:

The shoes. I put those shoes on her specifically for P.E. The rules are pretty strict for P.E. Students must wear exercise tennis shoes on their P.E. days. There is another rule too, kids that can't tie their shoes yet, are asked not to wear shoes with laces (for safety reasons).

Kaia wants you to know that the shoes are cute, but she can't wear them for P.E. Apparently they aren't tennis shoes. I found this out by white slip Friday evening. If you have never seen me mad, then you might just want to imagine smoke coming from my ears. Kaia had to sit P.E. out because they weren't just right. Now these shoes fit with everything sent home, but still were not ok.

I have talked to her P.E. teacher, but we are not in agreement on this. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the philosophy that a child must have on just the right shoes to participate in physical activity. Children need to learn that P.E. is fun, and that they can be active in every day life, not just when they have on the right shoes.


ArmyMama said...

That's CRAZY! It makes one want to say "Then fine, give me the money to buy the exact pair of shoes you believe my child needs!"

jennifer said...

Hmmm, rubber soles.... enclosed toe... what does the PE teacher call them?


I agree with you TJ. That is just STUPID!

Tell Kaia that she is stylin' and her teacher sounds.... challenged.

OK, maybe not - don't want to undermine her respect of (lacking in this case) authority figures.

Tell her Jen in Alabama LOVES her shoes, wishes she had a pair just like them, and that she sends her BIG hugs.

And hugs to you too TJ. Hang in there.

Dianna said...

If they aren't tennis shoes...then what are they?
Sounds like a certain teacher is on some kind of power trip...

hee hee~I must be getting mad for ears are getting hot!

Anonymous said...

I think the teacher is forgetting the obesity problem facing our children today.(NOT my granddaugtherof course.).She also needs to know that PE in kindergarten is as much about social skills,teamwork and self worth as it is about what shoes a child wears. Grandma Owie doesn't have red hair for nothing. I'll take her on!!! You go girl

Anonymous said...

OK I'm confused. What exactly are the RIGHT shoes???? To make her sit out while everyone else was having fun?? Steam is coming out of my ears for you Tysa!

Kelli said...

Um, those are definitely tennis shoes! I would have been mad too!