Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Being Prepared

Do you believe that we are headed for trouble? Our economy is down the toilet, and unlike the days of our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents (insert the one that works best for you), most of us do not have food set by. We no longer grow produce and store it for the winter. When our current society is set in the moment, what happens when it all falls out? It's a scary thought. The fact that milk and gas cost about the same per gallon, dry milk is as expensive as fresh, and few of us know how to make do with less of both.

Dana and I plan to have a bigger vegetable garden this year. My 11 tomato plants were not enough last year. I'm also planning watermelon, green peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, herbs, corn... Essentially if I can get it started and growing, it will be going in our front garden, the side of the house, and in pots in the front (can't plant in front of Mo's window due to foundation issues and buried ferrets). I was especially excited Monday night to discover this recipe: It's my Grandma Sarah's Green Tomato Relish. I love this stuff. We'd eat it all the time in the winter (remember when people ate by the season?) as a side dish. Now I need a pressure canner and some knowledge so I can make this too.

I like to be prepared. Having enough of what we need to get by, means that we're ready for what life has to throw at us. Whatever that may be.
Note: the recipe was written on the back of a plain paper calendar. Almost every scrap in her cookbook is a re-use of paper. Now that's a skill we should all use.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I think it's a good idea to put some food aside in case of hard times. We're working on having a one-year's supply of basic items that could keep us alive should something happen. Just buying a bit extra at the grocery store each week can add up fast!

I want to do a garden too, but it looks like this year we're condemned to just getting rid of weeds. Our back yard is a total mess! It looks like the last people who lived here never bothered getting their lawn established.

Jennifer in OR said...

Very wise counsel here. Be prepared. Amen to that, I have some work to do!

Art said...

It's nice to have your grandmother's hand written recipe. It'll be nice to have that relish in the winter too! We've done the home canning thing for years but only with tomatoes so there's no need for a pressure canner. The acid in the tomatoes means that hot water bath processing is enough. Not sure about the relish though. It probably depends on the ratio of tomatoes to other vegetables. Good luck.

Kelli said...

How wonderful to have your grandmother's handwritten recipe, TJ! I think it is smart to stock up. I hope your veggie garden does well this year!

jennifer said...

I'm with you. The economy scares the be jeezers out of me too. Glad you are proactive!

Your recipe is a treasure!


Connie Marie said...

My parents used to save everything to reuse, I always think of that whenever I throw a jar away, or a bread bag!