Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just in case there are any rumors out there regarding my well being, I am alive. Although having the flu has caused me to beg Dana to shoot me and put me out of my misery. He obviously declined with some excuse about not wanting to go to prison.

You will probably recall from earlier posts that I did indeed get my flu shot. If you read the news, you will have heard that the strain hitting people wasn't covered by the shot. And remember my Dr. laughing about how I was catching everything but the flu? Yeah, I'll let you in on a little secret.

In October of 2002 I sat in an examination room, with this very same Dr. I had an upper respiratory infection, and before prescribing one of the 3 antibiotics I'm not allergic to (only a very slight exaggeration) asked if I was still on the birth control pill (it can interfere with the pills effectiveness). I told him no, and he so kindly reminded me to make sure we use protection, or I would have a little visitor 9 months later. (I'm thinking, duh, I know where babies come from) But, I did just that! Once I found out I was pregnant, I checked conception date. Either the day before or the day of my Dr.'s visit.

With that I'm going to go back to relaxing. I promise to visit my favorite blogs today. I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow, so I definitely have to take care of myself today. That and in order to build up what seems to be my non-existant immune system, I am going to plan out my anti-candida diet. I plan to start it next week, or possibly sooner.

I leave you with Callie, sleeping in Kaia's princess tent.

Wait is that her nemesis, and princess of the house Cinnamon Love?

Cat fight!It was over as soon as it started. Funny to watch though.


Art said...

I'm assuming it wasn't the antibiotics that caused the conception:)

Hey, I hope you get well soon!

Connie Marie said...

You get to feeling so well on this med that you end up pregnant? What does it have to do with having a baby?

Cute kitty pictures.

TJ said...

For some reason whenever my Dr. says something, it happens. He says be careful or you'll get pregnant, and that's exactly what I get. He says so you are coming in with everything but the flu, well that's exactly what I end up with.

jennifer said...

How selfish of hubby to put freedom from prison above your needs. Shame on Dana. I thought it and Art said it. If you were sick, why did you.......Oh NEVER MIND! I'm just glad things worked out the way they boy is SO cute! Jennifer

And Hey, Jerry Springer has nothing on that cat fight!

TJ said...

Ok one more clarification: I had been on a business trip when I got sick. So after the absence we were happy to see each other. :)

jennifer said...

OOOHHhhh....Happy is good!

And as for as being "wild", if I had ANY tolerance, and a skinny bod, I would probably be a lot less boring! Glad to hear from you today! Jen