Monday, March 24, 2008

If You're Going to Be Frugal

I'm not Catholic, although Dana likes to tease me about confession. I do hear confession is good for the soul, so here it goes:

You do not want your freezer to look like this. You end up with questions like, "Is that chicken?" hmmm it may have been before the freezer burn. Luckily thanks to June and Gordie we have a stand up freezer in the laundry room that holds most of our frozen foods. This freezer is reserved for things I like to have on hand while making dinner. Well, it was anyway.

Ok, I admit the fridge isn't much better. I searched for several minutes to find my flour (orange topped container) while trying to make Tater Tot Casserole.And last, I've been very busy this week and weekend. While recycling was taken care of, dishes haven't been run since Saturday morning. Worse is that this week, is just as busy as last week. Board meeting Tuesday night, New Leaders event Wednesday night, Mothers of Young Children Devotional Thursday night. Friday we go camping. So we have to clean up and get the trailer packed with all of this happening!


Art said...

Oh maybe you could squeeze a couple more (very small) things in that freezer ;)

That pile of dishes looks mighty familiar though :(

jennifer said...

My dust bunnies want to know if they could come over and play with your dust bunnies.

It's hard to do it all, isn't it? My kitchen looks A LOT like yours right now. But you know what, it'll be there when I get to it!

Come over soon - I've got my Give Away up! I decided your looked like fun so I am trying it too!


Kelli said...

Cleaning out the freezer and fridge is one of my least favorite chores! LOL You did a great job! It sounds like you have a busy week planned, good luck with everything.

Stace said...

thanks for the well wishes... i'm feeling much better today.

that fridge/freezer looks very familiar, a lot like the one we have. we've got good taste, huh? ;)

RC said...

nice true confession.

sometimes it has to get bad before we remember why we care about keeping things up in the first place.

sounds like you're investing your time in more important things anyways.

Connie Marie said...

I thought I was seeing my own kitchen, ha.

I don't like cleaning out my refrigerator! I have been doing better about keeping the "scientific researches" down to a minimum!

Amy said...

Good luck! I hate cleaning out my fridge. I finally did it and found stuff from September in there. Gross :)