Thursday, March 13, 2008

Show & Tell: Gifts

Today for Show & Tell at Kelli's, I'm going to share a few of my birthday gifts.

First is this Bombay Jasmine candle from Pier One. My secret prayer partner bought this and a few engraved stones for me. I love the smell of jasmine! Strong, spicy scents that make think of far away exotic places are my favorite! The stones say "serenity" and "longevity." I took them to my office, because they look great on my credenza with all the plants.

When I arrived home from work today, Kaia and Dana had bought me a few plants. I've said countless times that I don't want cut flowers, I want plants. I can't stand throwing away flowers once they die. Especially when they are lovely. So I was thrilled with the hot pink cyclamen and the miniature pink rose.

I told Dana that I love the cyclamen he picked out, and I will try very hard to not kill this one. It is one of the few plants I've been completely unsuccessful with. Part of that is, if I'm out of the office, I can't guarantee that the water is being checked. I've officially killed 2 of these. One was from my Grandma's funeral, and I was out of town, and came back to work (prior office) to find most of my plants dead. The second was a gift from a former secret prayer partner. I loved it! I worked hard to take care of it, and my co-worker made sure to water it too, yet it still died. So we'll try again with this one.

Speaking of my Grandma, my aunt and uncle stopped by tonight with my gifts, since they are unable to attend the dinner on Saturday. My mom said this morning that I was going to love my gift from Nana. She was right!

This cookbook of hers is exactly as Grandma Sarah left it. Recipes tucked in the front cover, the back cover, and all in between. Hand-written notes on the pages.

Nana told me that these angels were my grandma's cookie cutters. She didn't have an angel cutter, so she made these, and used a knife to cut the cookie dough!

I "remember" this cookbook, mostly in the way that it is familiar. I saw the tabs, and the cover, and knew that I had seen it. I can picture it on her kitchen counter-top. I'm so excited to have this, and so thankful I received it!

They also brought me this autographed copy of devotionals. I'm looking forward to the reading.

That is all I have to share with you today. If you'd like to share something, please use the link at the top of this post to go to Kelli's. If you'd like to participated in my first ever blog giveaway in honor of my birthday, please visit here.


mrsjojo said...

What a treasured gift the cookbook is for you!! I love how innovative she was to make the cookie cutter pattern and you are so blessed to now have it.

jennifer said...

I'm so glad that you had a happy birthday! the cookbook is just YOU! I can't see what tasty treat you cook up and post.

I am with you on the flowers. I don't have a green thumb though, and plants that come to my house usually have their days numbered.

Have a great weekend!


Penless Thoughts said...

Great Show & Tell. The plate is lovely and the cookbook and "cookie cutters" are priceless. Now that is patience....cutting out cookies with a pattern and a knife. WOW!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....your treasures are something!!! They're all fantastic. But to have the cookbook....priceless.

If you haven't dropped by my Show N Tell yet, I sure hope you do. Have a great Friday and Happy weekend!!!

Barbara H. said...

What a wonderful treasure that cookbook is!! And the plant is pretty, too! I am not good with plants at all.

Simply Heart And Home said...

What lovely gifts and lovely friends. I am afraid I can not keep indoor plants alive no matter how hard I try. I think they don't like me!



Mrs. Mordecai said...

That cookbook is priceless! If you make anything from it, I hope you will share!

Constance said...

The best recipes I have are the ones that have been handed down! How wonderful to have her very own cookbook! You'll have to make the angel cookies and post them oneof thes S&T Friday's! Thanks for sharing,

It's All Good! said...

Happy Birthday! I especially like to old cookbook. Something to cherish! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

That plant is lovely, and that cookbook is a treasure indeed! Happy Birthday!!!

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Love the little angel cookie cutters.What a nice show and tell

Jen Glover said...

Happy Birthday! I was just asking my Mom to make me a "receipe scrapbook" from my grandmother's cook book! Beautiful! What a treasure! Thanks for sharing.

Rick Rack Attack said...

I have some recipes of my husband's great-grandmother for Jello fruit salad. Says to place somewhere cold for several hrs to allow to gel. No mentions of a refrig... just somewhere cold. :D

Stop on by for a visit at Made some Kiss Me I'm Irish Beef & Cabbage yesterday & posted the recipe. Come on over, I'll fix you a plate!

Jewelgirl said...

I hope you had a Fab birthday!
A really neat old cookbook!

cookie said...

Visiting with you today was such fun. Happy Birthday! Your goodies are wonderful. I love the cookbook. How special!

ps: if you have the time, please stop by and play Cookies Treasure Hunt. I'm giving away one of my collages this week, Contemplation in a Parallel Universe.

Jennie said...

Belated birthday wishes to you. What lovely plants - I hope that they survive for you : ) What a treasure that cookery book of your grandmother's is, especially with the little angel cookie cutters. How lovely to have that link with her.

Anita said...

First of all, happy belated birthday to you! I very much enjoyed looking at all the treasure that you shared on Friday (unfortunately, I am a bit late to visit you!). My favourite item is the little pink rose... ;.-)))

Have a great Sunday!

Best wishes from Germany,