Monday, March 31, 2008

Good to be Back

I'm going to tell you a little something about me. It will help you realize how strange I am (just ask Dana and the kids). Quite often I will dream numbers, data, and lists, constantly repeating the information to solve a problem or format things correctly. When I worked at Camp Fire it was reconciling candy sale numbers, when I moved to United Way it became the codes for the CFC or ad hocs. Now that I blog, I quite often write my posts while I dream. Good thing there is no publish button in my dream or you all would have me committed.

For instance I dreamed the list of things on my birthday post, over and over. Last night it was a list of reasons while I was glad to be back from our camping trip. Not that I can actually come up with more than 3 reasons, but in my dream there were many and I was busy getting the post formatted just right. My number one reason was the warm welcome back from Jen (dustbunny hostage). That never changed. I cannot remember the rest from my dream, but I can tell you that I was happy to sleep in our regular bed and am glad to get the kids back on their regular schedule.

We did enjoy ourselves though, in spite of the snow! Yes, it did snow on us, a couple of times. I do have some fun photos that I'll be posting soon.


Connie Marie said...

Oh wow! I've never heard of dreams like yours. Interesting!

[don't you hate it when you type in all the info below and have typed the word verification wrong so have to do it all again? I do! ha]

jennifer said...

HEY! How did I miss this the other day? I'm glad you enjoyed your welcome and I am so glad that you had a fun and safe trip.

Be blessed my friend!