Sunday, March 2, 2008

Celebration Planning

Thank you for the well wishes, I will be back soon! I made it to Sunday School today. Even had my class sing a few songs, although my voice when it exists belongs on a 900 line. That was it, I'm drained.

The good thing about being home and sick as a dog is I'm reading some of the magazines I picked up on the exchange rack at the library. Also I've been looking at cookbooks and the internet. All in planning for Morgan's upcoming 2nd birthday, and the baby shower I'm throwing at church.

I love to have parties, and I tend to be a control freak about details, yet in the end I can relax because I know that the key is just to get everyone together with food and drink, and we are guaranteed to have fun.

The debate right now is do I make Mo a dino cake or Thomas? Should I go for a modern shower theme or the more traditional pastels? Did I mention that I get back from Vegas on a Wednesday, Mo's party is on Saturday and the shower is on Sunday? Yep and this will be my second Vegas trip in April. I have to be prepared well in advance.


Art said...

Glad you're feeling some better. I think you gave me something, though ;) I came down with a virus of some kind and missed church today. Oh well, 'tis the season...

jennifer said...

Good grief TJ. What a busy week that will be. Shower....hmmmm...I like traditional this time of year. Rubber duckies and blue gingham for a boy (you can buy packages of rubber duckies at walmart that have mommy duck and her baby ducks - that is so cute on top of a cake and make big round icing bubbles across a slightly blue tinted cake top. So cute!) And pink pink pink for a little girl - polka dots might be easy and they are so in right now!

Yep, you've got my creative juices flowing too!

I have no input on your son's cakes (shocker, right?) - we always had to do Veggie tales, Bob the Builder, Hulk, and Spiderman.

Be blessed and keeo feeling better!

jennifer said...

Ahem - that would be "keep feeling better."

TJ said...

Well I'm home again from work with a fever. Sorry Art! Hope you heal soon.

Funny thing Jen, I was thinking of doing polka dots. Saw that on Martha Stewart. Last year I did a baby shower that was Hens and chicks, and it was for the cousin of her husband. Sooo I don't want it to be too similar. My other thought was pink and raspberry and cream origami flowers... one of the mom's helping does great origami. We shall see.

There is a ladies day the Saturday before, and I need to see what they are using. Often the bulletin board will be decorated, so I don't want to clash, but I want the shower to be unique and different from the ladies day.

Now to haul my rear to the library before I get fined for the kids' movies.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via Kelli's House, but have also seen your comments on Like Merchant Ships. I saw that you were planning a shower and was wondering if you have ever seen the blog
I am pretty certain that is the name of it. If you read thru her archives she had a really cute birthday party for her son's 3rd b-day and also shows pics of her Easter get-together. You might could get some cute ideas from the Easter party for the shower.
If you sew, you could make a really cute banner for the party that the parents could use for future birthday parties or to decorate the child's bedroom with. You could even do that with scrapbook paper and ribbon. I wish I lived close to you, I love parties and throwing them...
athomeelise (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kelli said...

I hope you feel better soon, TJ. It sounds like you will be busy with lots of party planning soon! Does the new mom know whether she is having a boy or girl? I hosted a baby shower many years ago and as the guests arrived they had to guess what the new mom was having and pin a tulle wrapped pink or blue hershey kiss onto their clothes. It was fun to see all the guesses and was a good conversation starter too.