Monday, March 17, 2008


My birthday has always meant the start of spring for me. Doesn't matter that the calendar says another week. Saturday evening though it did not feel like spring. We all dressed warmly before going out to dinner. Poor Mo, nothing to eat but the stick leftover from a sucker! Ha, food has never missed this little man's mouth. He wanted the sucker before his dinner, but settled for eating dinner first (with lots of the salad toppings).
Sunday, after church the kids and I stopped by the library. Then we came home for lunch. Mo went down for his nap and Kaia and I went outside to play.
I managed to get the focus on her sleeve, and not the ladybug. She had a blast holding the first lady bug of the season. She also helped me put shredded paper around the raspberries. That's when a major hissy fit started, and she lost her outside helping priveleges. Dana had to help put her in her room (42 flailing pounds is a bit much for me to carry up stairs). While she settled down, I planted the roses I received from friends the night before. Definitely have some more weeding to do, but that had to wait.
After they were planted and watered, I joined Kaia in her room and we watched the Neverending Story. I'll show you more from my party later, but it was definitely a good time.


jennifer said...

Love the Ladybug...My mom has a thing about ladybugs and her late mother. She has ladybugs come to see her at times of stress or happiness or holidays, ETC. and she believes it is her mothers presence sending them. Weird thoughts for a Christian lady I know, but we all get comfort from some thing.


Art said...

Awwwwww. You kids are so cute!

Connie Marie said...

What does the newspaper around the raspberries do?

Loved the ladybug sleeve picture.