Friday, March 14, 2008

May we all have it said

It was my birthday yesterday, and I spent my lunchtime singing at a funeral. I didn't know Carol well. I saw her and her husband at church. Her husband passed away while Morgan was in the hospital, in October. That had shocked me as I thought that he was the healthier one. What I learned at her funeral, though, really touched me.

She and her husband were married 60 years. Her children can only remember them having an argument once! And it was due to the fact that each had made plans without consulting the other, and the plans conflicted.

Her grandchildren never heard her say anything bad about another person. Although there was a memory of her once saying something very mildly negative.

Wow! I wish my children could say the same thing about Dana and I, or even about me. Just before leaving for the funeral I had told my co-worker that the woman that had just chewed her out on the phone was mean and seemed to enjoy telling us off as she did it so often. Even worse, I still think that. Maybe she was having a bad day (everyday?)? Still a good reminder to be more kind when I talk to others. And if I thought more about what I say and how I say it to Dana, I can guarantee we'd argue less. May I remember that my words affect those around me!


Art said...

AMen! WHat a great tribute to that lady.

jennifer said...

YOU CAN SING TOO?!!! You are just the total package.