Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Recap

It was a chilly and windy day yesterday. The kids and I went to sunrise service equipped with a blanket. We needed it too! Jen mentioned a God Wink (which she had heard from Nannykim), and we definitely have ours. Every Easter Sunday during sunrise service approximately 50 of us gather outside underneath the picnic shelter. And every year (including the one I didn't attend) a bird (or two) comes and sits in the group of trees next to the shelter and chirps. The bird is never deterred by all the people singing (I'm not sure we can say the same for the neighboring homes) or by all of the comments of "There's our bird."

I made many attempts to get a good photo of the kids, but Mo wasn't feeling photogenic. Then at breakfast he spilled hot cocoa on himself. It was really hot, but he didn't seem to have any lasting burns. I cleaned up his vest, and his pants were a similar enough color that he still looked handsome, even if he wasn't going to let me get a good photo.

The princess stayed out of her class that happens during the first part of worship, so she could help hang a rose on the cross. We've done this for so many years now, and it is always so beautiful. I will try to post a full photo later, after I do some editing.

After services was the annual Easter egg hunt. Mo was much more interested in the spinning pinwheel Grandma Owie gave him. Kaia took off, and I could hardly get a photo of her hunting eggs.

Then the day headed downhill. In our attempt to get ready to go to Jeff's party, Kaia refused to rest or even lay down. This turned into a huge battle and we didn't go to the party, but when we called to tell them, Jeff and Sam convinced Kaia to go lay down and behave and we might bring her late. She did settle down and rest, and we did take her, but not before she lost 85% of her clothes and a large number of movies and toys. They are all in storage waiting to be earned back. I took away nearly all of her skirts, so she won't be happy when she goes to get dressed today. Last night was fun though. The kids had another egg hunt. Mo found 4 eggs that had paper slips to trade in for a dollar. Kaia found 3. The kids had a wonderful time playing, and especially loved riding in the paddle boat on the pond. We took Sampson and he got to play with his friend Roxie too. This was definitely not a relaxing weekend, but overall we enjoyed ourselves.


Art said...

The second photo is hilarious! I hope you had a blessed Easter!

nannykim said...

OOOOh, I love pinwheels too--there is something so majical about them. Kids are something--they can throw a kink in things so fast. It is always a good lesson to me (kids, and their ways) of how we as adults are in our relationship to God. I love the excitement of life that kids have---I always want to embrace that---then , there are the rebellious parts and ...oh, how we will rebell against things that are for our own good. Kids bring a smile to my face because they often are picture of us.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed reading about your Easter, and the GodWinks!

Cute kiddos too!


jennifer said...

Love It! I kept waiting for the Bird poo - what does that say about me? Your children looked so sweet! I like the picture of Mo trying to escape bare foot too!


Connie Marie said...

Someday... the kids will appreciate all that you endured for them.

I enjoyed seeing pictures of part of your day.