Thursday, March 6, 2008

Show & Tell Our Bedroom

It's Show & Tell Friday over at Kelli's. If you'd like to participate, or see what other's are showing, just click on the photo above.

Back when I was pregnant with Mo, we lost our second to last ferret. With just Dudley left, we decided to redo the downstairs bedrooms. They had been a game/storage room and the ferret's room. Yes, with 9 ferrets they need their very own room. But, when all you have left is one blind, balding, old man ferret, a cage and a few hours of time out each night are plenty.

That's when it got exciting. We decided to paint both rooms, add trim, and in the case of the former ferret room, soon to be children's room we put in carpet (vinyl floor having been installed when we moved in).

Dana and I both wanted a dark grey color for our room. I tended toward the brown greys, he liked the more blue greys, but we finally agreed on this wall color, which was almost in the middle.

Now the dark walls make photography in our room difficult. But you will see that because it's a tri-level and we have a look-out basement, we also have built in ledges in all the downstairs rooms. This is perfect for the alarm, a fountain, and a ceramic vase my mother-in-law made for us. In between the two fans is an old photo that was hung in my grandparent's home. I don't know why, but I love it. So I display it whether it matches or not. The fan to the left is from an outdoor wedding, and to help guests from over-heating fans were provided.

This is the fan to the right. My parents bought this fan for me during their visit to China.

This shot shows you our white ceiling. We did this in both the rooms. Well, I admit being pregnant, Dana did the work, but I helped cleaning the rollers. There was no way I was reaching that ceiling. On the wall opposite is another fan. This was brought back for my Grandma Sarah, and when she passed away, I received it.

It's very beautiful, and the cream color goes well in our room.

Also near the fan is my very favorite Bible verse. My aunt Nana gave it to me shortly after we moved in. It's Romans 8:38-39.

Thank you for visiting! I will show the children's room, which happens to be just Mo's at this time, very soon. Be sure to come back next week for a very special celebration and giveaway!


Rick Rack Attack said...

My daughter has an Oriental theme to her room & has several fans. Love your fans. And, wow! Nine ferrets!!

I'm giving away a vintage apron. Come check out my show & tell at

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE that color that you both picked!!

That's my dream too ~ to come home one day and my house to be magically cleaned. Oh and Dinner on the Table!!

Have a "hoppy" weekend ~

Bunny Blessings!!


Art said...

I love that color. It's very soothing yet somehow invigorating.

Farrah said...

Isn't decorating fun and exciting?? Gorgeous fans! Thanks for sharing!

I'm having a giveaway! Hope you can come visit!

Judy said...

Beautiful fans.

jennifer said...

COLOR.....hmmmm....YES, of course I love it but I am stuck on the phrase 9 farrats. 9. nine. NINE.

You guys REALLY are animal lovers aren't you! This was a cute S & T. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely!


I'm sorry to put my url here but it doesn't work in the name/url box

Constance said...

When our daughter, the Civil war Re-enactor went to her first re-enactment and dressed as a lady, they were taught that the fan actually had a language that the women used to communicate, unspokenly. That's hard to fathom in today's blunt society! Thanbks for sharing!

Peggy said...

I remember well those little fans as a girl growing up. They bring back memories.

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Hi there! I used to have that Bible verse too- bought all of thm. I think that one I gave as a gift to somebody...I still have two or three others here on the walls. Love 'em!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for showing us your lovely room. I love your wall color and the fans are beautiful.

Betty said...

A beautiful room....I like accessories that are personal and have special meaning to us.....

Thanks for visiting and entering the give away....betty

Cindy said...

My girls love fans. Nice collection.

Barbara H. said...

Lovely fan collection! I have been to an outdoor wedding where those would have been nice to have!!

Jewelgirl said...

9 Ferrets, I'll bet that it was
fun playing with them. I like
all furry animals, I've never
had a ferret yet, not sure how
my cats would react to a ferret.
That looks like robin egg blue
wall color? I like the artwork &
colors on oriental fans.

Sharon said...

What beautiful fans. I like the wall color too!

:0) Sharon

Lisa said...

wow! that's a lot of ferrets running about!
your wall color is pretty!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today - yes, 2 at a time is more than twice the work! But more than twice the joy, also!

Come back any time - I love having new cyber friends.

Rebecca said...

I love all your fans and the blue color seems so peaceful.

cookie said...

Your fans are fun. Thanks for sharing.

nannykim said...

Well--I have been having trouble with blogger--so am doing a little of visiting now! I love the fans--I still have a few of them from when I visited Japan in the 70's!-It always amazes me to see all the different kinds of decorations. I had to smile about being pregnant and painting. I was always painting (and not just cleaning the rollers)---it seems that painting follows me everywhere. My daughter is due in July and she also was painting the new nursery this weekend. I was painting a bookcase ;-)---hmmm wonder if those fumes are good for anyone!

jennifer said...

Checked in with you a couple of times. Thought I'd drop you a Hello! Hope you have a great week.

Cheryl said...

I love the color you chose for your bedroom. It looks like it would make the room feel "cool" Your fans are wonderful1

Kelli said...

I just *love* that wall color, TJ! And all of your fans are gorgeous, what wonderful keepsakes!
P.s. Giveaways are no longer good for show and tell but yard and garden pictures definitely are...I love looking at flowers too. :0)