Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another "Giving Thanks" idea

I'm not the greatest decorator. I look at other people's arrangements and finds with a kind of awe. How did they pick those things up and make them look so great? Well I finally did it, once anyway. On a Sunday in October the yardsale leftovers were on the tables at church for anyone that would like them. I walked through and saw a worn out trash bag that contained wheat stalks. I actually had an "aha" moment. I picked up the bag, knowing that at home I had some bronze pre-tied ribbons from an after Christmas clearance sale. After church I gathered the wheat together, fastened the with some natural colored garbage ties in the middle, and I tied the bronze bow around it. I hung it just outside my door. It makes the entrance very autumn and welcoming. Picture to follow!


Kelli said...

It sounds like a great find and I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Mommy said...

Very Creative, and it does look very "autumney." :)