Monday, November 12, 2007

I'd like to say

I'd like to say we are all on the mend, but I'm afraid that when I do one of use will get sick again. Mo had one last throw up session Saturday night, and was back to himself yesterday.

They both enjoyed church, and Mo even went to Sunday school class without a fuss! Kaia was very well behaved during worship, and I had to remove Mo for his loudness. So I knew he was better. When we got home Dana told me that we would be watching Sam and Charlie for a few hours. That made Kaia's day (Mo was pretty happy about it too)! Being 14 and 10, they watched our kids more than we watched them. Kaia spent hours with her arms wrapped around Charlie as they rode her ATV around the house. Sam also rode, and Kaia rode with Sam. Charlie also took Mo for a short ride before his nap time.

I didn't get to disinfect the couch or floor, but helped Dana cleanup in the garage, and outside. I also put up some purple Christmas lights gold balls on our pine tree out front. I was inspired by the neighbors who were putting up their house lights. We won't plug them in for a few weeks, but it's one thing that is done.

Sam and Charlie had so much fun they spent the night, and Sam is watching all the kids at our house today. So hopefully grammy and papa have a good day off. I checked in earlier and she had them all under control, but was having difficulty getting Mo down for a nap. The problem I think is he wasn't going to go to sleep with 3 people plopping him in his crib and then watching him. I put him down for his nap before taking the dog for staple removal. He was still soundly sleeping when I returned with the dog. The house is a little messier, but they are having a good time, and it saves me some time tonight.

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