Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Ah Gone"

As Mo would say our snow is "ah gone." Sunday stayed cold and rainy, and Kaia's snowwoman began to melt. Yesterday felt warm in the upper 40's to low 50's with wind and light rain. This morning Kaia's snowwoman was 3 carrots in the grass. Grandma Mike from next door gave her the carrots when she saw that the snowwoman was nose and eye-less. She and Grandpa Carl had helped this weekend by feeding and watering BigDumbDog for us.

He is still big and dumb. Preferring to lay in the snow and rain, over his dog house and shelter we put up. I have to believe if he were really cold, he'd take shelter though.

The weather is supposed to get cold again though, so we may still have a white Christmas, although you'd never guess it looking outside today. Due to my parents bathroom being out of order, and not a single contracter willing to even come out and give a bid on it, Christmas Eve festivities will be held in our home. Dana looked at me and said "Guess this means we had better start cleaning." Yep, there is plenty of that to be done. I also need to find a way to keep the Christmas ornaments on the tree. Currently they are around Mo's neck, in the tv room, and propped up all over the front room. The miracle is that Mo has not pulled the tree down on top of him, YET.

I am excited though. I love having people over. We don't host many parties or guests, but when we do I have so much fun. The wheels are already turning in my head as to what we'll eat this year. Our Christmas Eve get togethers are typically non-traditional. We used to fondue every year, but that was before all the little ones joined the family. Then it was soups and cold cuts. Another time it was Mexican, which was good, but made for a gassy Christmas day. (and there is plenty of gas at my house without eating beans) Last year it was cold cuts and dungeness crab. YUM. Any ideas?

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Kris said...

The year I got married, we did jambalaya! My teenage cousins kept coming back for more. I'm sure you'll come up with something great.