Thursday, December 20, 2007

I finally did it

I decided I'd take care of myself and go see Dr. Jeff. After telling my mom that this wasn't in my sinuses on Tuesday, it started to feel like a sinus infection today. Dr. agreed and now I have a 14 day treatment of doxycycline and a nasal steroid due to swelling in my nasal passages. Ah what fun. But at least now I will feel better for the party on Christmas Eve and have the energy to cook dinner Christmas Day.

Tomorrow is Kaia's preschool pajama Christmas party. I was upset at first because all of the parties have happened so far on days she didn't attend. Tomorrow is no different, but she was invited to attend during the party. Only problem was I wasn't sure with Santa coming there at 10 how to pull that off. I called though and I can drop her off at her normal time, and then she will be ther during the party and get to see Santa and I'll pick her up before lunch. I'll be going straight out to Grammy and Papa's and then in to Black Angus for my office lunch.

As of today ALL presents are purchased. There were a few that I just didn't know what to get someone, or didn't know what they wanted. My co-worker (we draw names) was the most difficult. After talking with my friend I opted for a stress ball and a gift certificate to the local espresso stand. Kaia's present from Santa proved difficult this year. She's very into Barbie, so I went to look for some Barbies. YUCK They are hideous now. The Barbies she plays with are from the 80's and early 90's and they look ok, but I refused to buy any of the Barbies I found in the store. Luckily a friend suggested Disney Princess Dolls. I went online and with 2 coupon codes bought Jasmine, Belle, & princess jammies for less than $30 for Kaia's Santa present. Mo is getting a Big Wheels Trike that was $30. Santa doesn't wrap presents, he's way too busy for that, so those toys will be out under the tree all night. Daddy and Mommy are giving them each 2 small presents.

I also picked up some individually packaged food items, and some washcloths. You'll remember my homemade soap which will go well with the cloths. The food items should make some nice little gift baskets. There are always a few people that we don't buy specific gifts for and I love to have these things ready to give out. I'll hyperlink later, Mo is helping, and I'm going to lay down and read... if he'll let me.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Good for you for going to the doctor. Last time I went, I thought the doctor would just say I was crazy, but it turns out there was something serious wrong. I'm a big proponent now of getting a professional opinion!

Anonymous said...

How long would it take to wrap three presents for each kid? Good Lord! Spend some time for your children's excitement! I am a single parent with a full time job and still manage to wrap not only their gifts, but their stocking stuffers. Seriously... that is just lazy!

TJ said...

The kid's each had two presents wrapped. They know that it's Santa's present because it isn't wrapped. It was tradition in my home growing up and we are carrying it on. Not lazy at all, just special

SD said...

Hey anonymous...... There's nothing wrong, or 'lazy', about not wrapping some of the presents!!! You say "spend some time for your children's excitement"...... I know for a fact someone spent a LOT of time putting that tricycle together, and that's not something most people would wrap anyway. Get over yourself!