Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Eve Fondue

Don't worry I've heard it plenty now. Yes, we are having fondue for Christmas Eve. Is that weird? Not to me, and it's at my house so there! Ok it's really at our house, but Dana was poking fun at my weird food, so had to have my temper tantrum.

As you can see from my recipe cards fondue is not a new thing, although it seems to be growing popular again. My mom gave me her Betty Crocker Recipe cards a few years back. Considering that most of the time I lived at my parents house, I had the box out and was going through the cards, and I was always borrowing it, she rarely had it anyway. Actually she kept the card for her favorite recipe. It's one of mine too, but I have it memorized by now and I rarely follow the exact recipe anyway.

So Christmas Eve we will be having meat fondue. Each family will bring their own meat for the most part. I'm planning on 2 cheese fondues. 1 with crab, 1 without. And a chocolate fondue for dessert. On the side we will have breads, crackers, veggies, a relish tray, and a dessert tray with bananas, poundcake, and other goodies. There will also be Christmas cookies (Neeko and Kaia will be helping Grandma Owie with these) and I was considering trying a mulled wine recipe.

Of course, it will be a good time no matter what is served.


Kelli said...

Oh, that is going to be so yummy! I had fondue for the first time a few years ago and fell in love. Can I come over too?! :0)

TJ said...

Always welcome, but it would definitely be a long trip :)

Kris said...

Who could say no to cheese?