Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It never ceases to amaze me the places Callie will sleep. The other cats pick more normal spots. Hemi loves to sleep on anything dark colored. Boomer is so big he prefers the changing table or the recliner. Cinnamon most definitely likes the top of the heater vent and Kaia's bed (hey, someone has to sleep in Kaia's bed). Callie though can be found all over the house. On top of plastic bags, in boxes, in the pile of clean clothes.

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jennifer said...

I have just got to hug that cat. Our cat does not like me (only loves hubby) and so I can never just bury my face in her fur and give her a hug. Hubby leaves her alone and doesn't try to pet her and she adores him - Will crawl up in his lap and sit awhile. i need my own cat. Jennifer